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AGC dielectric glass pastes consist of powder glass and a vehicle. They have an excellent track record in the electronics industry for applications requiring extremely high precision and reliability, such as thick-film hybrid ICs, thermal print heads and more.

From recipe design though full-scale production, AGC's years of experience and advanced technical know-how ensure consistency and world-class quality with every batch.


Product Features

AGC 5290E Thick Film Paste for MEMS Mounting and Sealing

AGC 5290E

AGC, Asahi Glass Company, 5290E thick film glass paste is formulated for mounting/ sealing MEMS devices to low expansion substrates such as alumina. AGC 5290E is formulated with a binder that allows close pitch and width tolerances and burns out cleanly at the peak firing temperature of 425°C producing a smooth void free bond line. AGC 5290E bonding glass is typically screen dried and pre-fired to burn out the binder to eliminate the possibility of producing voids within the bond line. Once pre-fired, the surfaces are brought together and fired. In some cases a slight pressure must be applied to the two substrates to insure a complete seal/bond line.

Recommended Processing Procedures

For screen printing AGC 5290E, it is recommended that 250 mesh screen be used. Emulsion thickness will vary with desired thickness. It recommended that a starting emulsion thickness of 1 mil be used.

AGC 5290E is formulated with a special solvent to allow long screen print life without drastic changes in viscosity but will quickly flash off. Drying should always be done in a well vented oven at between 100~120°C for ten minutes maximum.

AGC 5290E is formulated with a blend of solvents specific to promote long screen life and short dry times. It is not recommended that further thinning be done. Please contact the factory representative for further information.

AGC 5290E should be stored in a tightly capped container at room temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight.

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