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AGC glass frits are available in a wide range of products variants for use in applications from flat panel display, to silicon rectifiers, thick-film circuit boads, Glass-Ceramic Multilayer Substrates and more.

From the original melt, through grinding, to the final sieving, Asahi Glass' proprietary technology and strict quality control have won these products the full confidence of industrial users worldwide.


Product Features

Applications for Glass Frit Sealants

Purpose of Seal Items Sealed Main Applications
Hermetic seals Metal-Metal Transistors, rectifiers, freezers
Hermetic seals Glass-Glass
Color TV Tubes
Flourescent indicator tubes
IC packages
Passivation Molds Semiconductors ICs and Diodes, transistors and thyristors
Binders Glass-Glass
thick-film glass paste
thick-film metal paste
Coatings Ceramics
Alumina substrate
Enamel substrate

Selection Criteria for Glass Frit Sealants

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