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Glass Frit and Pastes for Fuel Cell Production

AGC glass frits and pastes are widely used throughout the energy, communications, automotive, electronics and display industries. These materials are preferred in applications requiring high precision and reliability. AGC is leading the way in the development of lead-free glass frit and pastes to meet the demands of future new-generation green energy markets.

Fuel Cell applications represent a very harsh environment for materials. Operating temperatures for fuel cells are in excess of 900°C. With constant exposure to a stream of wet hydrogen effluent, it can quickly erode a standard glass with Alkaline oxide components. Typical fuel cell construction requires adherence to both Zirconia, and Steel layers. AGC's premier formulated glass series has a CTE in the range of 10-13 ppm/°C, a glass transition of a minimum of 750-850 °C and bonds strongly to Zirconia and stainless steel.

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