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EN-A1 Glass for LOAC and Micro Nano Sensors

AGC’s EN-A1 and AQ grade quartz are the industry’s preferred glass materials for Lab on a Chip (LOAC), DNA Micro Reactors, Micro Nano Sensors and handheld diagnostic devices.


EN-A1 is a very low cost substrate useful for high volume applications where S/N is not as critical. EN-A1 has lowest-in-class fluorescing emission properties making it the premier choice for 570nm and 670nm bio markers for DNA gene sequencing and expression. EN-A1 is also sodium-free, allowing it to work well with most chemistries and not interfere with detections or premature polymerization.

  • Standard thicknesses of 0.3, 0.5, 0.7mm.
  • Standard polish of <1nm RA. Ra of 5Å to <2Å available for special applications.
  • A variety of metallic coatings available
  • Pre-drilled vias from 70µm – 30µ available with or without Copper filling
  • Wafer sizes available up to 300mm
  • Panels available to increase yields and lower manufacturing costs
  • Lower fluorescing emission properties than most standard glass
  • Sodium-free

AQ Quartz Wafers

AQ Quartz is the best-in-class surface for Reactor Micro Arrays and Sequencing where high performance is required. AQ Quartz has no detectible fluorescing emission making it the ultimate substrate for biological markers with outstanding transparency and very low and controllable surface roughness.

  • Ultimate substrate for biological markers
  • No detectible fluourescing emission in priority frequency range for bio markers CY3 and CY5
  • Transparent down to 190nm
  • Low and controllable surface roughness
  • Very low electrical loss and best-in-class RF values for low power consuming sensors
  • Wafer sizes available up to 300mm
  • A variety of metallic coatings available
  • Pre-drililed vias from 70µm - 30µm available with or without Copper filling
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