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AGC’s Ceria-based slurry was developed for oxide layer polishing for STI and ILD applications. Key benefits with CES-350 Series slurries include narrow particle size distribution and superior dispersion technologies for less than 45nm node. These properties enable good slurry stability and superb process control. CES-350 series ceria slurry provides excellent planarization and very low defectivity on customer wafers. All CMP slurry products at AGC are alpha-tested at Asahi’s world-class research center using the latest in CMP process equipment.


Product Features

Product Features

  • Single component, two components
  • Excellent global planarization:
    • | Low SiN loss / Low dishing / Good uniformity
  • Low defectivity
  • Excellent stability and long shelf life

AGC Ceria Slurry Types for STI Applications

SiO2/SiN Auto Stop
  • High Selectivity (SiO2/SiN) type
  • One step polishing
  • High throughput
  • Auto Stop type
  • Two-step polishing
  • Good planarization

Particle Size Distribution of Typical CES Series Ceria Slurry

Oxide removal rate as a function of additive content

AGC Ceria Slurry Types for ILD / PMD Applications

Prestonian type Auto Stop type for BPSG
Compatible with STI applications Excellent global planarization, Good uniformity
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